Culture immersion: the best way to learn a foreign language.

Every day the importance of our relationship with China increases. The sustainability of the growing relationship with China depends on the young generation of Americans. Learning Mandarin and forming connections with the Chinese is essential for maintaining and building the relationship between the United States and China. During President Obama’s trip to China, the two countries agreed upon cultivating more exchanges between people of both nations:

[China and the U.S.] are pleased to note the continued increase in the number of students studying in each other’s country in recent years. Nearly 100,000 Chinese are now studying in the United States, and the U.S. side will receive more Chinese students and facilitate visa issuance for them. The United States has approximately 20,000 students in China. The United States seeks to encourage more Americans to study in China by launching a new initiative to send 100,000 students to China over the coming four years. China welcomed this decision by the United States. (In Full: US – China Joint Statement)

Study abroad is the best way to learn a second language through immersion in the language and culture of the foreign nation. By sending students to China, not only do these students gain experiences, connections, and knowledge that will benefit them for a lifetime, but the students bring these and this knowledge and experience back to the United States.  The logistics and cost in sending 100,000 students to China over the next four years will be daunting. With the advent of leading edge technology now available, we can actually bring China directly to the US, virtually, of course! The myChinese360 program, using cutting edge technology, has begun bringing certified teachers direct from China, into the homes and classrooms of students across America. Students work both individually and in small online classrooms with a teacher over a high speed line that allows the instructor to appear to be almost in the next room.

In addition, myChinese360 participants could be some of the many going to China in the next four years, as myChinese360 offers summer study abroad opportunities through the Summer Institute. Participating students have the option of 3 to 6 week programs in Beijing China, all taught by U.S. certified teachers. During this time, students choose between home-stay or supervised dormitory living and will participate in language immersion and daily classes, with elective classes in culture, history, and arts. However, the learning does not remain just in the classroom. Students travel to important historical and modern points of interest and participate in activities with students from Chinese Sister Schools.

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    Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

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