Extra push for equity of opportunity

It is well-known that many in the education community have held lower expectations for African-American and Latino students. This is highlighted by the extraordinarily low enrollment of Latino and African American students in higher level AP courses, as well as in foreign language courses. Because foreign language study among these minorities remains well below that of their peers, many within the education community believe this further advances the gap between minority and white students when it comes to continuing education and taking advantage of jobs in a global environment.

While it is certainly true that not every student (of any color) has the skills required to meet the challenges of a more rigorous curriculum, it has been proven that children of color can meet these challenges if given the same equity of opportunity. In fact, giving young students the belief that they can succeed in more challenging curriculum can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thus, there has been a strong push to increase minority students in AP classes.

To this end, myChinese360 is committed to equal access of opportunity, and is proud to partner with The National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) to premiere the NABSE Mandarin Initiative, designed to increase minority participation in Chinese. This partnership understands it is vital that minority students have the same opportunity to participate in the global community, by studying a world language such as Chinese, which should no longer be viewed as a rarified pursuit.

NABSE has implemented the “Education is a Civil Right” agenda that insists this country establish a zero tolerance policy on illiteracy, dropout and failure.  Under this charter of recommendations, it states the following:

Develop legislation that requires support for the language needs of African American students commensurate with the emphasis and resources supporting non-English speaking students. Create opportunities for African American students to be bilingual. Implement programs that promote positive intercultural relations.

In our partnership with NABSE, we collaborate in closing the racial divide, bettering educational opportunities, and expanding future career paths for all students by offering instruction in Chinese, which is spoken by 1.051 billion people worldwide, compared to the 510 million English speakers (Vistawide).


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