Not memorizing, but learning

In the U.S. parents, teachers, administrators, business professionals and politicians are all trying to find answers on how to better education. Many children are dropping out of school at early ages, in fact only 70% of high school students graduate. This seems like an unwarranted amount considering the U.S. is a developed country with leading … Continue reading

Disney, where dreams come true… in English?

The magical world of Disney has spread through out the world to bring their theme parks and magic to multiple countries. But they aren’t stopping at spreading magic! No, they are spreading magical English in China! Disney English is now a way for children in China to learn English from ages 1 -11. You may … Continue reading

Can I practice my English with you?

Have you ever been at a loss for a word, and it’s sitting at the tip of your tongue? You can even define the word, but it just won’t come out! Imagine doing that in another language. It would probably get frustrating to the person that you’re talking to if it happened in almost every … Continue reading

China’s new front of cultural influence

In Mainland China, the CCP used to be weary of sending Chinese students abroad, especially to the west, in fear that they would be become influenced by western culture. But those times have long passed. The Chinese Vice President, Xi Jinping, is encouraging Chinese students to go abroad. But instead of having a fear that Chinese … Continue reading

iPhone can help children with learning Chinese

Two mothers created an Apple iPhone application to help children practice their Mandarin and Cantonese! The tool is called, Chinese for Munchkins, and is a flash card app. This colorful application uses animals, numbers, memory, and pigs to help children learn. The app does a particularly great job with tones and is an easy tool for children to … Continue reading

Critiquing for positive reinforcement

There are many critics in the U.S. who don’t believe that Americans will ever really dedicate themselves to learning a language. You can read their opinions in various newspapers, magazines, and internet blogs. These critics have described Americans as “parochial” and “dedicated to monolingualism”. They have also accused Americans of being “dumbed down” when it … Continue reading

myChinese360, not too good to be true

There are so many articles and blog posts about learning Mandarin Chinese, but how do you go about picking the right program for your child? If you want your child to learn Chinese, and really learn it, they need to be immersed into the language. There is no better way to learn a language then … Continue reading