myChinese360, not too good to be true

There are so many articles and blog posts about learning Mandarin Chinese, but how do you go about picking the right program for your child? If you want your child to learn Chinese, and really learn it, they need to be immersed into the language. There is no better way to learn a language then to be surrounded by it. This may sound like the answer to learning Chinese, but not everyone can jet over to Beijing and walk around the streets trying to find various conversations. However, Chinese is the language of the future, so how can we learn it?

The next thing that you need when you’re learning a language is to be able to understand the formula it uses. What is the construction of a Chinese sentence? Learning words in Chinese is great, but being able to put them into an actual sentence that is Chinese is more difficult.

We are at the next fork in the road: How do you pick a program that will help your child learn the construction of Chinese while also being immersed in it? They could chat with a native speaker, but that may not help sentence construction. They could play an online game, but that will help them mainly memorize words. What about a program that had a live native language speaker that also had curriculum to teach construction of Chinese? That would probably be the best choice!

Now immersion and the technicalities of a language sound like a good combination for your child to learn to speak Mandarin, but that sounds boring… doesn’t it? How do you make Chinese language fun?

What if there was a program that put them in a virtual world designed to look like China where they can go on scavenger hunts, and adventures? They would have to utilize the Chinese they have learned to get around. The focus won’t be on learning the language anymore, it will be using the language they learned to discover a new world.

Well, this sounds a little too good to be true. It seems like you need to either be in China to learn Chinese, or find a program that could put you there virtually. Luckily myChinese360 has designed a program that will do exactly everything mentioned above – apart from sending you to China. They have designed a program to immerse children in the Chinese language, while putting them in a world that is fun and full of Chinese culture.
Children will be talking to teachers in China that are native Mandarin Chinese speakers, and have been certified in the U.S. to teach Chinese. The program is designed to teach Mandarin Chinese and to give children an understanding that can only be gained in China.

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