Disney, where dreams come true… in English?

The magical world of Disney has spread through out the world to bring their theme parks and magic to multiple countries. But they aren’t stopping at spreading magic! No, they are spreading magical English in China!

Disney English is now a way for children in China to learn English from ages 1 -11. You may be asking what is so magical about learning English from Disney? Well, the teachers and classrooms of course! It’s  disney, so of course Mickey Mouse and the Little Mermaid teach you English. You also learn in classrooms that are designed to put you in the worlds of Snow White, Lion King, Cars, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Winnie The Pooh, and Toy Story. The lessons are plays, skits, and other activities for kids to use their language.

Now many of you are thinking, this is ridiculous! But what would an American childhood be without Disney? Every little girl has grown up wanting to be a princess wisked away by her prince charming. Of course every boy has grown up with peter pan, woody, and baloo from the Jungle book. These characters inspired adventure into our young men and women! Disney is not just an American company, it’s actually American culture. But now, they are becoming Chinese culture and education. This may seem odd, but there are a lot worse ways that children could learn English. At least they are getting to experience an innocent and fun part of their childhood like we Americans once did, because in China it’s uncommon to grow up like an American.

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