How can online education be engaging?

Currently, there are skeptics concerned with whether or not online education is engaging enough for children. I’m here to set the record straight, because I have personally taken courses online from my college. There is definitely a degree of responsiblity that comes along with taking an online course. But was it less engaging? No, for me it was not. But I can see how some children will feel a little lost with doing a class online. But this is where the teachers come in.

We don’t want to replace teachers with online education, we want to engage them even more, and use more of their talents. Teachers can be used in the sense that they can help children with their lessons and maybe give better examples if the online course isn’t explaining it well enough.

My professors typically had a discussion board where they asked questions, and we were required to answer two of them a week. Once everyone in the class had answered the questions then the professors would explain some of our answers, and give his or her own opinion.

The responsibility was ours to go back and read what the professor wrote.

My courses were extremely helpful in teaching me responsibility, and I had to read a lot of material (just like any other college course) to keep up with my class. I was able to devote the time and energy I wanted to the class. I enjoyed my online class along with my classes I actually went to, because it gave me the opportunity to take a class from anywhere in the U.S. and still learn from phenomencal instructors. I was able to learn about things I enjoyed, and I was also able to have my own life.

This will look differently for school children, but these things are all still relevant for them. They are acting on their own to learn. They are gaining an understanding of what it means to learn daily on their own.

An advantage these students will also experience is that in a school setting your teacher can be right there to explain and help if it’s needed, or they are on the computer with the students. A good thing coming from online education is that teachers are more valued, because entreprenuers are starting to crack into the education system.

Some teachers will be resistant and want to stick with the teacher’s union, but in reality they will be more valued and paid higher wages if they follow the entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs may be a risky folk, but they go where the money is!

Sorry to digress! Back to the topic of whether students will be engaged or not. That is about the quality of the online program. If you pick a program for students that wouldn’t engage you how could you expect children k-12 to focus?

Courses need to have color, and the students need to actually DO something when they are using them. Online courses actually engage students in the true form of learning. They are learning to do things instead of learning to memorize them.

Children will definitely benefit from online education, not only because of the many benefits advocates have said such as individual learning, pace, etc. But also, because this is a great change of pace for children in the classroom. Sometimes you need a little bit of a change up to get those creative juices flowing.

So will students be engaged in online education?

If the course has these features, students certainly will be:

  • color
  • interactive lessons
  • teacher available to help things run smoothly
  • relevant curriculum

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