Online learning seems to be a privilege

Virtual Charter Schools in Georgia are experiencing quite a bit of frustration, because the Charter School Commission won’t give funding to the virtual schools. They actually cut down all of the funding, not just virtual, to all the children.

The Commission had origionally found that each student would cost $8,800, but they dropped that amout to $3,200.
Most people would assume that they had found some research that supported this decision, but in reality they had a one page spreadsheet that didn’t give any scientific information or basis for the change.

The parents, teachers, and students are furious! The parents have written a letter to the Commission to change their miHopnd’s on funding for virtual schools. The virtual program opens up quite a bit of opportunity for the Georgia students, and gives them access to the classes at home. The only requirement is that the students have a responsible parent or adult guardian present.

The Commission said it would reconsider after their meeting Thursday. There is an argument not only over the funding, but the question of whether or not the Commission cares about the student’s education at all. Because if the Commission did care why would they take funding away for education?

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