Keeping in the Kno

Each semester, rising textbook prices become the center of debate. Not only are these textbooks too expensive for students and school districts, but the costs are rising. Not only are the expensive, but textbooks are heavy to tote around from class to class and class to home. There are several eReaders available on the market, like … Continue reading

Grad students turning to online education

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) recently released their 2010 application trends report. Among some fairly insignificant numbers, like a 1.8 percent decrease in full-time MBA program application volume, one number did stick out: a majority of online MBA programs received an increase in applications this year. As you can see , more online MBA programs received … Continue reading

Learning in a flash

Teachers, tutors, parents, you name it, always suggest flashcards as an aid to learn new material. Flashcards are arguably the best way to learn terms, vocabulary, symbols, and more. They are my favorite study aid once they are made, but I always find the process of making them too tedious for my time restraints and … Continue reading

Young entrepreneurs make their mark on education

As Americans we hear about college students starting their own companies and taking taking off! That is exactly what Digital World Construction Partners Joseph Jaeger, Sam Smith, and Adam Simmons have done after their college careers- started their own company. Joseph Jaeger, the CEO, and Adam Simmons, the CFO,  were college room mates at Trinity University … Continue reading

Wireless generation tracks literacy

There are alway students who are ahead of the curve and behind the curve. It’s hard for teachers to depend on assessment tests in the middle of the semester to find out if their students were on track or if they were falling behind. Wireless Generation has come up with different systems of assessment that … Continue reading

With online learning, education never stops

In the past, we’ve discussed the benefits of technology in the world of education. There still remain the skeptics, who are unsure if students can receive reap the same educational benefits the classroom provides. Online learning is certainly no replacement for one-on-one learning in person, but instead of battling it out between traditional classroom learning … Continue reading

Using technology, students excel in education

eChalk is a company that has created a safe, online portal for students, teachers, and parents to interact in. eChalk believes that if kids are already using technology day to day, such as computers, cell phones, iPods, etc. then why not embrace it? This portal increases communications between the students and the teacher, and gives … Continue reading