Texas partners with iTunes for online education

Texas has never been a state that follows the rules. Once again, Texas has stepped outside the box: they are now using iTunes as a means for education.

You may be wondering, “How is a media player used as an educational tool?” Three years ago, Texas signed on with Apple  to use iTunes as a tool for students to access educational videos, podcasts, and information. Teachers who are registered can post assignments and instructions on iTunes and then their studnents can listen or watch from their computer or iPods. These students also have access to the National Archives, Smithsonian Institution, and PBS.

Texas has put a 21st century spin on their education system. Not only are they providing more learning resources, but teaching students how to use new technology in a beneficial way.

Texas is playing a leading role in revolutionizing education. Some states are struggling to get money and funding for public schools, so they are just using online education in charter schools. In a time when our lives revolve around what is online, it is crucial the Internet to be integrated into our education system in order to teach students how to use it properly and maturely to enhance their lives.

There are some states who have been successful in implementing the education system that they want, such as New York. Some win, and some lose… but here comes Texas with a whole new game.

Texas partnered with Apple to establish more than just online education. Texas is also using online education in schools. They are trying to add whatever value they can to the classroom, but they know that this is one of the weakest focus points currently.

I think Texas is doing a great job with changing the system. If Apple is willing to come on board and help with education, then I think we have a good amount of hope for other businesses jumping in as well. This shows that with a little creativity our education system could really turn into something phenomenal.

Texas does have problems with their education system, but the important thing is they are working to change things and build credibility.

What are your thoughts? Will Texas partnering with Apple enhance education?

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