‘Race to the Top’ winners look to online education

The states that have done well with the Department of Education’s “Race to the Top” project are using their reward money to implement online courses. This is not to say that all they are implenting are those courses, but some of the money goes to online education.

Some states already have online education and are using some of the funding to revamp that sector of their education.
It’s amazing that online education is really catching on so quickly! Who knew that school administrators would really start to believe in this channel of learning so quickly? The hype and talk about online education truly did win over administrators this summer.

The most shocking part of this embrace is the states that are now wanting to use it. New York and Massachusettes were previously not ready to bring online education onboard, but we can see now that they are joining other states such as Florida, Texas, and California in eLearning.

These states are all using the online courses to mix with the class, also known as blended education, and even to end the school day early so kids can learn at home. I think that with the extra funding the states are trying to implement more classes but without hiring so many teachers. It certainly will save them money by hiring one teacher that can teach multiple online classes instead of a teacher for each class. Georgia has done this with their Chinese program.

So what does this mean for us as the U.S.? It means we can be happy that our state governments are trying to change education for the better. Even states that have more traditional learning styles, such as Massachusettes, are willing to try something new. As a U.S. citizen, be encouraged to see that education is definitely beyond the federal government’s grasp and has landed willingly into the state government’s laps.
We are looking at changing times for educating children and we are all a part of how we are going to better equip our generations.

Start looking to how you can get involved, and how you can reach out to these programs!

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