RANDA Solutions leading education technology

(Photo courtesy of Dean Johnson)

RANDA solutions is a technology based company in Nashville, TN. They are active in creating innovative technology for education.  RANDA Solutions designs, implements, and supports technology systems used for state-wide and formative assessments in the education market, focusing on data, infrastructure, and application development.

Inc. Magazine ranked RANDA #300 overall as a company and #3 in industry rank, education, and company in Nashville, TN. They grew 1007% in just three years, and as of 2009 their revenue was $4.7 Million. To even be ranked by Inc. your company must be private, for-profit, U.S. based, and independent.

RANDA’s mission is to change the face of education through leveraging technology to have a real impact on the industry. So what does that mean? RANDA is doing everything they can to help the education system. Lucky for them they have a comparative advantage in technology!

They specialize in making education simple through technology and the internet. For example they have an online testing lab where once a student finishes their test immediate results are sent to the teacher. Teachers gain the information they need about their student’s weaknesses and progressions.

But, their products vary from an item development portal, a faculty portfolio that includes qualitative and quantitative performance information and history, a writing portal to help with the writing review process, a mobile assessment lab, online testing, homeroom master portal- this is used during assessments, and an aggregation portal where you can bring differing data together.

The company makes it easy for school administrators and teachers to have the information they need immediately and at their finger tips.

It is going to be interesting to see how RANDA’s products show up more and more in our public school system. Be looking to see if your school uses RANDA solutions.

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(Photo Courtesy of Dean Johnson)


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