Using technology, students excel in education

eChalk is a company that has created a safe, online portal for students, teachers, and parents to interact in. eChalk believes that if kids are already using technology day to day, such as computers, cell phones, iPods, etc. then why not embrace it?

This portal increases communications between the students and the teacher, and gives students a very ‘college’ feel to learning and teacher availability. They can e-mail their teachers at anytime, and sometimes teachers are signed into eChalk when school is over to answer any questions instantly.

Some interesting features that eChalk are a blog and newsletter for students to partake in, immediate and all-access to homework assignments and grades for parents, review for administrators to make sure teachers are teaching curriculum properly, and a facebook design so all participants feel familiar with the portal.

This opens up the channel of communication, and it helps students to contribute without feeling the pressure of a classroom. It also keeps teachers and parents accountable. Teachers have to teach the curriculum correctly, and parents can need to be available to see PTA and parent-teacher conferences online.

So how does this help education? Well the test score results alone have shown that the students in classrooms using eChalk have higher test scores across the board, and where students were emailing their teachers at 0% there was a spike to 96%. These students are really getting involved!

Some states that are using eChalk are Texas, California, and New York. eChalk has had quite a success story in Corpus Cristi, Texas.

This town is the first to make wireless internet available to all of its residence, so naturally adding an online component to schools was encouraged. The test scores that resulted were remarkable after only using eChalk for a year.

Here are the results:


eChalk adds a much needed 21st century dimension to today’s education system. It provides tools to equip students for the future and also makes accessing pertinent school information quick and easy, wherever you are.

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