With online learning, education never stops

In the past, we’ve discussed the benefits of technology in the world of education. There still remain the skeptics, who are unsure if students can receive reap the same educational benefits the classroom provides. Online learning is certainly no replacement for one-on-one learning in person, but instead of battling it out between traditional classroom learning and online learning, what if the two went hand-in-hand?

As a college student and an avid technology user, the absence of technology and Internet use in the classroom is frustrating, to say the least. My favorite classes have been those where we use platforms like Google Maps and Audacity for collaborative class projects. These tools are ones I can use in the real world. I do not learn in monotonous lectures, but in using interactive tools that coincide with course material. Universities are equipping students an overwhelming amount of information, but not with tools for today. Why don’t we develop skills for tools used in the workforce, so we enter careers as prepared adults who are knowledgeable of today’s technologies?

Online courses provide students with necessary computer skills for the future. The benefits do not stop there, however. Distance learning makes courses available that schools cannot, such as foreign languages other than Spanish and French. It also provides students who are sick, homeschooled, or in alternative education programs to receive the same learning opportunities of traditional students. Classes are now live streamed and uploaded for later review. Here, the class material does not stay in the classroom; it goes home with the student. Learning no longer has to stop on Fridays, but can continue through the weekend.

Regardless of your opinion of online learning, there is no arguing the accessibility of it as an education tool. With the widespread availability of Wi-Fi and the fast connection speeds, learning is no longer restricted to the classroom. We can learn anywhere, at any time of day.

We see where online learning is now. Where do you see it going in the future?

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