Wireless generation tracks literacy

There are alway students who are ahead of the curve and behind the curve. It’s hard for teachers to depend on assessment tests in the middle of the semester to find out if their students were on track or if they were falling behind.

Wireless Generation has come up with different systems of assessment that teachers can use while in class. The teachers will immediately have the information they need about their student’s progress at their fingertips.

The software for literacy is a series of mCLASS programs. A teacher can sit down with a child and have a notebook with information, such as the Alphabet. The child will recite it while the program is running. The program will already have the task programmed into it, and it can hear the child reciting. Once the child is finished the progam will spit out the information about what the child missed, how to improve, and areas he or she is struggling in.

Teachers have commented that it is a great way to see where the majority of the class is having problems, or only a few. This program is unique, because literacy is a huge and solvable problem worldwide. With the help of the program, we can now see where we falling behind and how we can prevent these gaps in the future.


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