Young entrepreneurs make their mark on education

As Americans we hear about college students starting their own companies and taking taking off! That is exactly what Digital World Construction Partners Joseph Jaeger, Sam Smith, and Adam Simmons have done after their college careers- started their own company.

Joseph Jaeger, the CEO, and Adam Simmons, the CFO,  were college room mates at Trinity University and Sam Smith, the CMO, and Joseph Jaeger met each other when they were studying abroad with Semester at Sea. These young men graduated in 2009 and have been creating this company even before graduating.

So what industry have these young men cracked into? Education, of course. All three of them want to change education for future generations. Their company is currently doing this by publishing an educational game called Statecraft. Now don’t wince when you read ‘educational game’ because it is more than a classroom activity.

Statecraft was designed by Jonathon Keller- an International Relations Professor at James Madison University. It is used on the computer and has been designed by a team of programmers who stress user interface.
Students are broken up into groups of about six and choose what role they will play for their country- President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Treasurer, etc. The country becomes original to each student group, they even choose their own country name.
The students then have to run their country under the government type of their choice and learn how to build relationships within the global community.

The game is fantastic because it puts students in situations where they must decide if they have to go to war, if a treaty could resolve their conflicts, or if they need to depend on their allies. The game isn’t all about war though, it’s about trading resources with other countries, expanding areas of importance, such as medicine. The game includes exercises with economics- even though students wouldn’t be able to recognize it- they must choose their comparative advantage in the world, and utilize their resources to do so. Almost everything an international relations student would need to know is included in this game, the only thing that is left out is using a different language!

Digital World Construction has just recently finished Statecraft and it is being used in schools such as James Madison University and Ohio State this fall semester. Be looking for the game, a great fit for an international relations course.

It is amazing to see a young generation trying to change our education system through a new definition of learning. They are helping to change our future leaders, and teach them to be actors in the global community.

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