Grad students turning to online education

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) recently released their 2010 application trends report. Among some fairly insignificant numbers, like a 1.8 percent decrease in full-time MBA program application volume, one number did stick out: a majority of online MBA programs received an increase in applications this year.

As you can see , more online MBA programs received application increases than traditional MBA options. Why is this so?


The GMAC study showed that 82 percent of those receiving their MBAs through an online program were working professionals. Online school provides flexibility for those with inflexible schedules, like those in the work force. With jobs in high demand, professionals who desire an MBA cannot afford to leave their jobs to pursue  a full-time program. The self-paced model of online courses allows students to complete coursework at time best suitable for learning and studying.


Receiving your MBA online can cost significantly less than enrolling in a program at traditional university.


Whether it was geography, financing, instructor availability, or some other hindrance, online MBA programs, along with other online courses, provide educational opportunities to those who previously could not receive these learning opportunities.

What other factors do you think account for the popularity of getting your MBA online? Does an online MBA make a fair substitute for the more traditional MBA options?

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