Entrepreneurs crack textbook niche

(Photo courtesy of quinn.anya)

If you were a college student, currently are a college student, or are going to soon be a college student then you have heard about and/or experienced the hectic process of buying books. Books are extremely expensive today and become less affordable by the year. The cost of one textbook can range from $50-$300 or more. In the last four years alone, there has been a 32 precent increase in textbook prices according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Recently, entrepreneurs have broken the market and are working to stop the gouge in textbook pricing. Flat World is one of the many companies battling textbook prices.  Knewton is also taking a crack at fighting this war. Both companies so far they have been extremely successful.

Flat World offers their books online for free. They also offer the textbook in audio book, PDF, and a $30 paperback that can be ordered online and is then printed and then shipped. These companies are not just focusing on the United States, but are also in India, South korea, and Malaysia. Flat World serves over 70,000 students globally.

These are just two of the innovative companies trying to make higher education more affordable for students.

What other textbook companies do you know of that deserve recognition? Where do you see textbooks in the future?

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