Tabs to make you flighty

(Photo courtesy of Steve Jurvetson)

Many view multitasking is a skill, but it can also be extremely harmful. By continually doing multiple tasks at once, specifically on the computer, such as, checking your email, Twitter, Facebook, blog, and trying to take care of your own work can reduce the level at which you are functioning and producing remarkable work.

When you are working on your computer and have all of these other things up that you are constantly glancing at it sends signals to your brain to function at its lowest level. It will be quick to see the change in email inbox numbers, because it is just like fight or flight- any sudden movement and you’re out of there! …or you will check your latest email.  This is negative for the average business person because these lower functions distract you from working on the task at hand with all of your attention. When your lower senses are constantly checking to see what else could be going on, they are not putting all of the focus and energy on the most important thing.

This is not just a distraction at work or school, but can even interfere with relationships. Have you ever been distracted for hours at your computer and did not spend time with you family? Where did that time fly away to? Well probably to all of those tabs that are up on your computer screen.

To give a great, and quick, example from Inc Magazine, Kord Campbell was working on his computer and doing about 10 things at once, like many of us do at work or school, and he almost missed a chance to sell his internet start-up for $1.3 million. He luckily saw the email later and was able to salvage the deal. If Campbell had focused on his email before moving to his other tasks, this important email would not have been overlooked.

It is hard to be only focusing on one thing at once, especially with all the distractions available today. We can all learn from Cambell’s situation and learn to allot time to certain tasks before moving on to the next.

Try and cut down on those open tabs, maybe you’re day will go by faster and you won’t miss a thing!

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