Put in the work now…

(photo courtesy of A loves Dc.)

…skimping can cost your company.

Starting a company is an extremely difficult task. There are so many decisions that need to be made, such as: how much do I spend on a website? Should I start it from scratch? How much money am I looking at spending? Where am I going to get the money? etc.

For owner of Holosfitness, a website that gives tips for athletes, he skimped on the money for his website and almost lost his company. He realized that he should have spent more money on the website and should have allowed a developer to work within a website that already had a skeleton.

He also realized that as an internet company he needed to get the word out. He thought word of mouth would be the only way to get his company noticed. Well lucky for him he caught on to all of these mistakes and was able to save his company.

Do not make the same mistakes if you are a start-up! Take the time and proper amount of money to get a good website. The Web is the primary source of information for consumers next to peer recommendations. In addition, consult with someone  familiar with social media and in-bound marketing. Getting your company’s name out to the public is a difficult task, but there are multiple channels that can help you achieve the popularity your company needs!

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