NASBE: a push for educational technology

(Photo courtesy of  The Graph Exploration System)

In the past, technology was a privilege in the classroom. Now the National Association of State Boards of Education  (NASBE) is pushing for education to meet the modern needs of today; NASBE want technology in every classroom.

This change will come about under the Next Generation in Learning: Transforming the Role of Educators Today for the  Students Tomorrow. The idea is teachers will be encouraged to start using technology and networking in their classrooms. NASBE wants students to interact more with each other and become more engaged with their teachers through new technologies. Integrating technology in the classroom will not only benefit teachers by providing them with new tools, but help students to be more enthralled in the lessons.

Interestingly enough, NASBE hopes to move students away from the still, motionless classroom and bring students outside of the school walls where imaginations can run wild. The vision is to transform academics from cold-learning to discovering. NASBE wants to do this through the online-learning process through blended learning, where learning will no longer be restricted to the classroom.

The biggest obstacle, however, is not for students, but for teachers. Teachers must be willing to learn and adopt these new technologies, so they have the best understanding for classroom integration. Some teachers may not be literate in all these new technologies. The first step to taking this plunge is to convince the teachers of technologies worth, and then begin to educate them.

Do you think that this model will work for NABSE? Do you think it will make a difference for students?

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