I’ve been caught in a fallacy…

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…a logical fallacy. An either/or fallacy to be exact.

Previously when I have written like you could only chose either online education or classroom learning. However, this eSchool Special Report pointed out something very obvious that I had been neglecting all along: you don’t have to choose online education OR the traditional classroom. You can have BOTH.

EUREKA! Meet blended education.

Chicago Virtual Charter School has blended up their own mix. Students work at home, at their own pace, with their own specially adapted material to meet their learning needs and conceptual progress, and then go into the classroom once a week. They have blended the wonderful aspects of online education (self-paced content, flexibility, adapting to needs) and the advantages of learning in the classroom to produce this innovative new approach to learning.

While this article mainly discusses doing classes at home, at your own pace, and then going into the classroom to reap the benefits of face-to-face learning, I also think of blended as doing some classes full-time in the classroom, and some completely online. Courses like math may be better taught in the classroom, but what about other subjects?

What unique blends have you seen/experienced?



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