providing for the Wireless Generation

Wireless Generation, a technology-based education company, is a visionary company looking towards the future. This innovative company provides tools, systems, software and more for to help teachers “teach smarter.” Their technology works with a student, analyzes their learning habits and skills and adapts to the student’s individual needs. This technology can benefit all students. Sometimes … Continue reading

GPS used as a teaching tool

(Photo from Wikipedia) Schools in Rochester, NY are using GPS tracking to teach students about the geography, helping students understand features about their environment, like how to tell if water is clean or not. The purpose of using the GPS within schools is not solely to teach geography and demography, but also to help students … Continue reading

The Future of Information?

(Screenshots courtesy of Meet Qwiki: the one stop visual shop for informatio; it’s a truly interactive encyclopedia. Watch their exciting announcement and demo at Tech Crunch here. Although it is only in the Alpha stages, Qwiki has already made a splash in the technology start-up world. What Qwiki has built already fosters excitement for those tired … Continue reading

Are we seeing 2020?

(Photo Courtesy of The Age) No, I don’t mean perfect vision. What I mean is the future – the year 2020. Are we looking ahead and making changes now to prepare for greatness in the future? A 2010 K-12 online learning report says there are 450,000 students are enrolled in state virtual schools. And that … Continue reading

“ABC World News” in China this week

Yes, China got a lot of attention during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, but that is not the only attention the largest nation in the world (over 1.3 billion people) deserves. China is also achieving an incredible 10 percent economic growth per year. So, what does this mean for America? “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer” … Continue reading

How the U.S. plans to transform education

Last week, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan released the finalized version of the previously announced draft of the National Technology Education Plan, which incorporates the idea that “through technology we can create more effective and more engaging learning experiences for all students” (Duncan). This plan, titled “Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology,” has five crucial elements to … Continue reading

Teachers created STEMnet to give America a leg up

(Imagine courtesy of STEMnet) The United States is lagging in education compared to the other developed countries. According to Education Week, the U.S. is ranked 31st out of 56 countries for high schoolers who are advanced in math and science. That is pretty shocking for the hegemonic power of the world! But luckily the United … Continue reading