Learning by video’s example

David Lazarus discussed in a recent column how his son used a series of YouTube videos to learn how to get past levels in a video game. He then made an enlightening connection about how effective distance learning can be. If his son can learn how to beat games through YouTube videos, surely he can learn about American history or how to solve long division problems.

I’ve gotta say, I can’t agree more. Videos lead to learning by example. I am guilty of using YouTube videos to get past levels in the popular iPhone and Android application game Angry Birds. However, learning through videos goes much further than taking the easy way out of a tough video game level. I have learned how to grill a steak and make the perfect fried egg. I even learned how to get stains out of a white T-shirt. So, why could you not learn the very lessons you learn in school via video as well. And heck, over video chat, you can even get an instantaneous response, through voice or text.

Learning online is not limited to videos, either. With the scholarly articles, online textbooks and discussion forums at the click of a mouse, it seems we can learn anything via the Internet these days.

So then you wonder: why even go to school and be taught if you can learn anything online? You just can’t look that far because students need guidance through a curriculum and drive through the grading system. Not only do they need a road to follow, but they need a proven instructor who can help them get back on the right path when they are lost. Or, to put it straight, students need a classroom setting for structure, grades as an incentive, and a teacher to get to know each student’s learning styles and personality to use instruction tactics to best suit each student.

Do you agree? Disagree?

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