IBM to Improve Education

(Photo Courtesy of IBM)

IBM is taking education to a whole new level. They have established technology that will help teachers connect with their students. Teachers can track how each individual student is learning, not just on test days. They are able to see where children are not meeting his or her benchmarks, so that they can help students along their learning process.

According to IBM, 40 percent of students in cities will change schools. IBM makes this information easily accessible and transferable within their system. All of the students progress can be easily moved to their next school.

But IBM does not stop with just students in cities. Students who are living in rural areas are also getting the same education as those who are living in the cities. With IBM’s technology, it is now possible to bridge the economic gap in education. North Carolina is doing this by establishing the technology in all of its schools. It plans to be the leading state in this electronic development.

IBM is working to give students a better opportunity with their new launch of smarter planet. This theme is trying to better the world, and fill in all the holes and potential problems that have risen. Education is just one of the many problems that IBM is working to fix.

Check out their video and website to learn more about the technologies they are implementing in schools!

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