Are we seeing 2020?

(Photo Courtesy of The Age)

No, I don’t mean perfect vision. What I mean is the future – the year 2020. Are we looking ahead and making changes now to prepare for greatness in the future?

A 2010 K-12 online learning report says there are 450,000 students are enrolled in state virtual schools. And that does not even include the enrollment in other online education programs. The growth of online learning programs is clearly significant due to the benefits they offer, but where does it go from here? Greater enrollment due to more widespread adoption perhaps. But what more? Where can we take learning to new heights will narrowing the education gap. The future can provide equal opportunities through technology.

In conclusion, I feel obligated to point out a discouraging statement by Eric Marcos from the 2020 vision report:

“It’s absolutely unbelievable how slow change occurs in a school system. Even if something is proven to be a great idea or something we should try, it takes a long, long time to change the whole thing—administration, teachers, parents, students. I almost expect things to look not too different in the next 10 to 15 years, unfortunately, and that’s not something that I wish.”

It is extremely difficult to make something happen for education today due to the constraints of the system. By the time some great idea can get approved, a new, better one may have already taken its place. However, it is important that we do not let the system get in the way of making these critical changes.

What do you imagine education like in 2020? What changes do you hope for? And how do we accomplish them?

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One Response to “Are we seeing 2020?”
  1. regard to the topic, I think the relevance will be known only after some time.

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