The Future of Information?

(Screenshots courtesy of

Meet Qwiki: the one stop visual shop for informatio; it’s a truly interactive encyclopedia. Watch their exciting announcement and demo at Tech Crunch here. Although it is only in the Alpha stages, Qwiki has already made a splash in the technology start-up world. What Qwiki has built already fosters excitement for those tired of the tired interface of other information resources.  The site gathers bits and pieces information from all over the Internet and compiles them to create a spectacular visual briefing about whatever topic you can think up.Qwiki is not only going to be a website, but a mobile application and even a unique new way to wake up in the morning.

Check out the screenshots below to grasp the general idea.

Qwiki is very new and definitely has improvements to make, but the alpha version’s success hints at a bright future for the website.

What do you think of Qwiki? Leave your email and thoughts in the comments and I will send you an invitation to explore the alpha version yourself!

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