GPS used as a teaching tool

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Schools in Rochester, NY are using GPS tracking to teach students about the geography, helping students understand features about their environment, like how to tell if water is clean or not. The purpose of using the GPS within schools is not solely to teach geography and demography, but also to help students use their higher thinking  so they will think critically about the environment around them and how to use it responsibly.

The students’ favorite activity requires using the GPS to find hidden objects in the area, and then using those objects to do something good for the earth. The science teachers commented that they love using the cutting technology to help students and playing with the high-tech instrument makes the students more interested in the class.

Most importantly, the GPS is available in phones, computers, and of course hand-held devices. These teachers want to teach students how to use GPS to better themselves and society to the best of their ability and not abuse the power of location. So far the use of the GPS has been a success in helping students learn. Teachers say technological tool has been the most helpful in getting students involved and interested. In fact, the teachers have taken their classrooms into the actual areas that students plot to check the water Ph levels and more.

How  would you use a GPS to accelerate learning in the classroom?

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