providing for the Wireless Generation

Wireless Generation, a technology-based education company, is a visionary company looking towards the future. This innovative company provides tools, systems, software and more for to help teachers “teach smarter.” Their technology works with a student, analyzes their learning habits and skills and adapts to the student’s individual needs. This technology can benefit all students. Sometimes students need more time to grasp concepts, while others find themselves bored with the classroom content. By working with a software that adapts to their individual needs, students can excel and feel confident in their abilities.

Their mClass software, which focuses on K-3 education, will be available soon on several tablet and handheld devices. The friendly interface makes the once dreaded assessment tests fun for children. Results from the devices are analyzed and synced into personalized student reports for teacher and parent review. Through these reports, adults gain a better understanding of a child’s needs and where they need extra attention. The software focuses on developing reading, writing and math skills.

According to their Web site, Wireless Generation currently serves over 200,000 educators and 3 million students. News Corp. recently purchased 90 percent of the privately held, New York based company, and is ready to extend the reach of this education revolution.

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