Word Lens: the next generation of translators?

Picture yourself, strolling the beaches of Spain. You are ready for lunch and walk up to a nearby cantina, but cannot read anything on the menu. Well, there’s an app for that. Just before the holidays, all the buzz in the technology world involving applications was the  new iPhone application Word Lens. This innovative app uses … Continue reading

Learn21 for education 24/7

We’re big advocates here at Futuredemics of learning no longer being restricted to the classroom and school hours, as well as integrating technology into the classroom, and West Virginia has done both. The engaging and fun website, Learn 21, has various activities targeted at each grade level. From videos, to games, to virtual field trips, … Continue reading

ACTFL Video Contest

(Photo Courtesy of  Busy Bod) Calling all foreign language teachers and students! The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) is hosting a nationwide video podcast competition. In creating your public service announcement, or PSA, style message, you must focus on this years theme of “Why I am a 21st Century Learner/Why We are 21st … Continue reading

High Schoolers are Leading The Way in Technology

High Schoolers were competing this past week in science technology. There were quite a few winning contestants with remarkable discoveries and programs. But the winning team has come up with a program for computers that can recognize emotion within a human voice. The boys, Akash Krishnan and Matthew Fernandez,  were working on this project since … Continue reading

Riding the bus just got a whole lot cooler

(Photo courtesy of  NBC Universal) Come take a ride on the Magic School Bus! Okay, so these buses may not be magical, but Hector School District in Arkansas extended the learning day by placing screens in their school buses. These screens play math and science content on the long, up to two-hour bus rides to … Continue reading