Riding the bus just got a whole lot cooler

(Photo courtesy of  NBC Universal)

Come take a ride on the Magic School Bus!

Okay, so these buses may not be magical, but Hector School District in Arkansas extended the learning day by placing screens in their school buses. These screens play math and science content on the long, up to two-hour bus rides to and from school.  This adds up to an extra 10 hours of learning per week. The district believes the students on these lengthy trips are a captive audience and this is a great way to catch their attention.

With several screens on the bus, educational content is directed at different age groups because children sit by grade level, beginning with the youngest students at the front. The district hopes this project will excite more students about math and science. In this digital age, sometimes screens are much more attention-grabbing than a teacher. The bus drivers have also reported fewer disturbances by rowdy school bus riders since the screen installations.

What do you think of putting these screens on the school buses?

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