High Schoolers are Leading The Way in Technology

High Schoolers were competing this past week in science technology. There were quite a few winning contestants with remarkable discoveries and programs. But the winning team has come up with a program for computers that can recognize emotion within a human voice. The boys, Akash Krishnan and Matthew Fernandez,  were working on this project since the seventh grade. They have been working with the same instructor as well. Kirshnan and Fernandez are hoping that this device will be able to be used within cell phones and computers for voice recognition. They are also hoping that this technology will be used in lie detection, autism research, and computer games.

They were inspired by I, Robot and have since been updating five emotions that indicate anger, positive, neutral, emphatic, and rest. They have also created a database that has 18, 215 emotional speech files. Their accuracy is 61% with the computer recognition. They have been increasing their accuracy annually.

So what is the prize for these two geniuses that are contributing to so much in the community? They are sharing $100,000 college scholarship fund. Now that seems like a small sum for these two boys, but their rewards have been far greater than just monetary value. Each of them has been invited to participate in science contests around the globe, and to join various science and technology competitions. So, while their monetary amount may be a small sum, their names are being advertised around the United States and across the globe. Any college would be thrilled to have these two attending.

It’s amazing how students are contributing to the technology within education. What ways have you seen technology blooming in your own community?

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