Learn21 for education 24/7

We’re big advocates here at Futuredemics of learning no longer being restricted to the classroom and school hours, as well as integrating technology into the classroom, and West Virginia has done both. The engaging and fun website, Learn 21, has various activities targeted at each grade level. From videos, to games, to virtual field trips, students can access school materials outside of normal school hours to receive extra help, to brush up on material, or just to stimulate their minds. Learn 21 is a fun outlet for students to continue their education at home in a nontraditional learning. In West Virginia, where snow days commonly interfere with the school schedule, students can stay sharp at home, even when they can’t be in their physical classroom.

The site builders are also soliciting feedback and making changes accordingly so that students and parents have a genuinely beneficial, yet enjoyable learning experience. The site will also be updated with new content monthly, so students can keep coming back to broaden their knowledge of science, math and social studies. In the future, the site imagines expansion to reach college-aged students.

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