So, text messaging can be a good thing?

(Photo courtesy of Text messaging/SMS takes a lot of rap these days, for instance: texting and driving causes accidents texting and walking disasters (i.e. fountain incident, manhole incident) arthritis potential hampers communication skill development   And that is just to name a few… However, a study by Coventry University revealed a new positive, children who … Continue reading

Sasha Obama is learning Chinese

(Photo courtesy of The WSJ) Sasha Obama is all play here with her sister Malia, but 9 year-old Sasha is serious about her future. Young Sasha is learning Chinese at her private grade school, the Sidwell Friends School, and was eager to put it into practice when Chinese President Hu Jintao was in town visiting … Continue reading

Textbooks no more?

(Photo courtesy of Davis) The Florida State Board of Education is pushing schools to drop traditional, hard back text books in favor of fully using digital textbooks by 2014.  In the long run, this will be a money saver for the state. Digital textbooks often cost 50 percent or more, less than the printed and … Continue reading

a few good reasons to learn online

We discussed the benefits of online learning before here and here. However, the list goes on. Here are a few great points from Mashable, who argued their case for the virtual classroom a couple of weeks ago. Online education doesn’t have to suck. Universities have limited physical space. Education can change the world. Global understanding is … Continue reading