Textbooks no more?

(Photo courtesy of Davis)

The Florida State Board of Education is pushing schools to drop traditional, hard back text books in favor of fully using digital textbooks by 2014.  In the long run, this will be a money saver for the state. Digital textbooks often cost 50 percent or more, less than the printed and bound texts we all grew up with. eReader sales boomed in 2010, showing that consumers are willing to read off digital devices. There are several eReaders on the market these days, the Kindle, the Nook, the iPad and more, but one in particular, the Kno, is aimed particularly at the student textbook market. The full color device provides simple note taking with sticky notes and bookmarking for review and study.

Personally, I enjoy having a hard copy in front of me. Reading off screens tends to hurt my eyes and I lose focus easily. Is this just me? Am I being old school? After all, Amazon Kindle books now outsell the hardcover books on Amazon.com. If I had adopted digital reading as a child, maybe I would feel differently. However, should students and teachers be forced to go digital by the state, or should there be options to fit an individual’s needs?

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