Parents seek exposure of children to Chinese culture

(Photo courtesy of mLive)

There are public schools. There are private schools. There are charter schools. And then there are language immersion programs, and they open up an entire other category. Language immersion programs take place at all kinds of education institutions, but instead of teaching a foreign language as a separate subject, the selected language is used to teach other subjects like math, history and science. With language immersion programs, students are gaining exposure to two subjects at once, say Chinese and math.

Chinese language immersion programs, once typically filled by students from Asian families, are seeing increased demand from non-Asian families. These families are looking for ways to expose their children to the culture and language of the booming country of China. Recognizing that relations with China are growing ever important, parents want their children prepared to be an active future force in the global¬†economy. Not only does learning a language early on make learning a foreign language in the future easier, but it builds children’s cognitive skills, making them better analytical thinkers and logical reasoners.

Should more schools use the language immersion model?

What languages should students today be learning?

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