Futuredemics brings you the future of education – the technology, the platforms and the innovative ideas behind it all. The learning realm is still centered in the past. Futuredemics takes a look forward and explores how technology can take us there. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, student or parent, you can help examine and expand the boundaries of education and technology to build a better future.

Futuredemics is brought to you by myLanguage360, an innovative, distance-less learning program that offers research-based education solutions for instruction of Mandarin Chinese as a Second Language (French and Spanish are coming soon). Their highly qualified teachers are all native Chinese speakers, and have received U.S. teaching certificates/credentials after completing a rigorous vetting process and training in American educational theories and practices. The myChinese360 technology platform utilizes powerful, teacher-led virtual classrooms, live language labs and immersive virtual field trips to provide for credit, full-semester Mandarin Chinese classes for K-12 students.

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