NY Times debate: ‘Can Young Students Learn From Online Classes?

(Photo courtesy of Bunk Class) Online courses are on the rise, particularly with education systems nationwide facing significant budget cuts.  The New York Times is putting it all on the table in a Room for Debate series for three teachers, a developmental psychologies, a professor and, of course, the readers to share and defend their … Continue reading

Is hybrid learning the next phase of education?

(Photo courtesy of School of One) Rocketship Education is doing just what we think rocketships should be doing, taking off and sending people to new heights. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit charter school network striving to eliminate the education gap nationwide by integrating hybrid learning models into schools. Hybrid learning, sometimes called blended learning, changes … Continue reading

Wharton School at UPenn Launches Finance Website for High Schoolers

The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is reaching out to assist high schoolers in understanding personal finance, the stock market and more. The service, Knowledge@Wharton, was originally geared towards university students, but the prestigious business school revamped their efforts to target a younger audience. Students learn several things in high school, from Shakespeare’s … Continue reading

a few good reasons to learn online

We discussed the benefits of online learning before here and here. However, the list goes on. Here are a few great points from Mashable, who argued their case for the virtual classroom a couple of weeks ago. Online education doesn’t have to suck. Universities have limited physical space. Education can change the world. Global understanding is … Continue reading

Learn21 for education 24/7

We’re big advocates here at Futuredemics of learning no longer being restricted to the classroom and school hours, as well as integrating technology into the classroom, and West Virginia has done both. The engaging and fun website, Learn 21, has various activities targeted at each grade level. From videos, to games, to virtual field trips, … Continue reading

GPS used as a teaching tool

(Photo from Wikipedia) Schools in Rochester, NY are using GPS tracking to teach students about the geography, helping students understand features about their environment, like how to tell if water is clean or not. The purpose of using the GPS within schools is not solely to teach geography and demography, but also to help students … Continue reading

The Future of Information?

(Screenshots courtesy of Qwiki.com) Meet Qwiki: the one stop visual shop for informatio; it’s a truly interactive encyclopedia. Watch their exciting announcement and demo at Tech Crunch here. Although it is only in the Alpha stages, Qwiki has already made a splash in the technology start-up world. What Qwiki has built already fosters excitement for those tired … Continue reading