The Digital School on the Rise

(Photo courtesy of  PSFK) Would you send your kids to a video game school? Probably not when I put it like that. But, hundreds of parents are doing just that. Quest to Learn is a New York school that uses a game-based curriculum that includes several video game based lessons to stimulate and engage students … Continue reading

Is hybrid learning the next phase of education?

(Photo courtesy of School of One) Rocketship Education is doing just what we think rocketships should be doing, taking off and sending people to new heights. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit charter school network striving to eliminate the education gap nationwide by integrating hybrid learning models into schools. Hybrid learning, sometimes called blended learning, changes … Continue reading

Google Translate provides easy, free language to language translation

(Photo courtesy of Apple)   Learning languages and overcoming language barriers are difficult things to accomplish. Google is trying to make it easier with Google Translate. Google Translate is free service that provides translations in 57 different languages. Often with translations, we see the translation, but still do no know how to say it. With Google … Continue reading

Keeping up with the latest

(Photo courtesy of Forbes) Here at Futuredemics, we appreciate our readers immensely! We recently made some changes to our online networks and want you to stay informed with company news and blog updates. First, as our company expands, our Facebook page must expand with it. Thus, we must leave our myChinese360 fan page behind. Please … Continue reading

Critical Challenges: the Horizon Report 2011

(Photo courtesy of Woodburn Schools) The 2011 Horizon Report, a collaboration between the New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, looks at emerging technologies and their potential impact on the education system in the United States in the next five years.  The report points out key trends and issues: Key Trends 1. The abundance of … Continue reading

Everloop: the social network for children

A new start-up social network Everloop is targeting the one demographic that Facebook cannot, 8-13 year olds. Facebook’s minimum age to make an account is 13, so this group of young social technology butterflies has been left out until now.  In addition to the age requirement, many parents ban their children from making Facebook accounts … Continue reading

So, text messaging can be a good thing?

(Photo courtesy of Text messaging/SMS takes a lot of rap these days, for instance: texting and driving causes accidents texting and walking disasters (i.e. fountain incident, manhole incident) arthritis potential hampers communication skill development   And that is just to name a few… However, a study by Coventry University revealed a new positive, children who … Continue reading