“ABC World News” in China this week

Yes, China got a lot of attention during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, but that is not the only attention the largest nation in the world (over 1.3 billion people) deserves. China is also achieving an incredible 10 percent economic growth per year. So, what does this mean for America? “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer” … Continue reading

Chinese in, European languages out.

(Photo courtesy of  Xinhua) How many of us studied French, German, Spanish, Italian and even Latin, when we were in school? Almost everyone I knew studied one of these languages for at least two years in middle or high school. I not only studied Spanish in middle school, but tried to pick up a little … Continue reading

‘A Vision of K-12 Students Today’

(Photo Courtesy of VT-STEM) We found this video of children sharing their contemporary vision of education. It embraces today’s ways of constant technology integration by highlighting what a large part of their everyday lives technology is. What did you think of the video?

Disney, where dreams come true… in English?

The magical world of Disney has spread through out the world to bring their theme parks and magic to multiple countries. But they aren’t stopping at spreading magic! No, they are spreading magical English in China! Disney English is now a way for children in China to learn English from ages 1 -11. You may … Continue reading

China’s new front of cultural influence

In Mainland China, the CCP used to be weary of sending Chinese students abroad, especially to the west, in fear that they would be become influenced by western culture. But those times have long passed. The Chinese Vice President, Xi Jinping, is encouraging Chinese students to go abroad. But instead of having a fear that Chinese … Continue reading

Enjoy learning Mandarin

Children in New Jersey who attend Verona schools have the privilege of learning Mandarin Chinese. Their education goes beyond chinese words and phrases, they also host events and entertaining evenings that showcase their abilities to sing in the Chinese language, and put on plays fully spoken in Chinese. They also have booths that show off … Continue reading

A New, Better Approach to Learning

So you may be thinking, this sounds great and all, but there is no way this can be as effective as learning in a classroom setting, right? Wrong. In fact, research is proving that in many cases, E‐learning (distance learning), can be more effective than traditional classroom instruction, under the right circumstances. The U.S. Department … Continue reading