NY Times debate: ‘Can Young Students Learn From Online Classes?

(Photo courtesy of Bunk Class) Online courses are on the rise, particularly with education systems nationwide facing significant budget cuts.  The New York Times is putting it all on the table in a Room for Debate series for three teachers, a developmental psychologies, a professor and, of course, the readers to share and defend their … Continue reading

a few good reasons to learn online

We discussed the benefits of online learning before here and here. However, the list goes on. Here are a few great points from Mashable, who argued their case for the virtual classroom a couple of weeks ago. Online education doesn’t have to suck. Universities have limited physical space. Education can change the world. Global understanding is … Continue reading

Learning by video’s example

David Lazarus discussed in a recent column how his son used a series of YouTube videos to learn how to get past levels in a video game. He then made an enlightening connection about how effective distance learning can be. If his son can learn how to beat games through YouTube videos, surely he can … Continue reading

With online learning, education never stops

In the past, we’ve discussed the benefits of technology in the world of education. There still remain the skeptics, who are unsure if students can receive reap the same educational benefits the classroom provides. Online learning is certainly no replacement for one-on-one learning in person, but instead of battling it out between traditional classroom learning … Continue reading

How can online education be engaging?

Currently, there are skeptics concerned with whether or not online education is engaging enough for children. I’m here to set the record straight, because I have personally taken courses online from my college. There is definitely a degree of responsiblity that comes along with taking an online course. But was it less engaging? No, for me it … Continue reading

A New, Better Approach to Learning

So you may be thinking, this sounds great and all, but there is no way this can be as effective as learning in a classroom setting, right? Wrong. In fact, research is proving that in many cases, E‐learning (distance learning), can be more effective than traditional classroom instruction, under the right circumstances. The U.S. Department … Continue reading

Technology: Bettering the Way We Learn

Technology is shaping the way we teach and learn today. The Internet has made strides in sharing information: easing research and increasing resources exponentially, distributing coursework, and enhancing communicating outside of the classroom. Fundamentally, what new solutions can technology bring to the traditional classroom? For instance, how can distance learning bring subject matter to the … Continue reading