Not memorizing, but learning

In the U.S. parents, teachers, administrators, business professionals and politicians are all trying to find answers on how to better education. Many children are dropping out of school at early ages, in fact only 70% of high school students graduate. This seems like an unwarranted amount considering the U.S. is a developed country with leading … Continue reading

Extra push for equity of opportunity

It is well-known that many in the education community have held lower expectations for African-American and Latino students. This is highlighted by the extraordinarily low enrollment of Latino and African American students in higher level AP courses, as well as in foreign language courses. Because foreign language study among these minorities remains well below that … Continue reading

Culture immersion: the best way to learn a foreign language.

Every day the importance of our relationship with China increases. The sustainability of the growing relationship with China depends on the young generation of Americans. Learning Mandarin and forming connections with the Chinese is essential for maintaining and building the relationship between the United States and China. During President Obama’s trip to China, the two … Continue reading

Language of the future, for the future

China, already a superpower on the world stage, certainly commands our respect and attention. International relations with the nation hosting one-fifth of the world’s population are now more important than ever. President Obama’s recent trip to China certainly demonstrates the necessity to strengthen ties and achieve “cooperation, not confrontation.” “The relationship between the United States … Continue reading