A New, Better Approach to Learning

So you may be thinking, this sounds great and all, but there is no way this can be as effective as learning in a classroom setting, right? Wrong. In fact, research is proving that in many cases, E‐learning (distance learning), can be more effective than traditional classroom instruction, under the right circumstances. The U.S. Department … Continue reading

Technology: Bettering the Way We Learn

Technology is shaping the way we teach and learn today. The Internet has made strides in sharing information: easing research and increasing resources exponentially, distributing coursework, and enhancing communicating outside of the classroom. Fundamentally, what new solutions can technology bring to the traditional classroom? For instance, how can distance learning bring subject matter to the … Continue reading

Culture immersion: the best way to learn a foreign language.

Every day the importance of our relationship with China increases. The sustainability of the growing relationship with China depends on the young generation of Americans. Learning Mandarin and forming connections with the Chinese is essential for maintaining and building the relationship between the United States and China. During President Obama’s trip to China, the two … Continue reading