Chinese in, European languages out.

(Photo courtesy of  Xinhua) How many of us studied French, German, Spanish, Italian and even Latin, when we were in school? Almost everyone I knew studied one of these languages for at least two years in middle or high school. I not only studied Spanish in middle school, but tried to pick up a little … Continue reading

Grad students turning to online education

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) recently released their 2010 application trends report. Among some fairly insignificant numbers, like a 1.8 percent decrease in full-time MBA program application volume, one number did stick out: a majority of online MBA programs received an increase in applications this year. As you can see , more online MBA programs received … Continue reading

Online learning seems to be a privilege

Virtual Charter Schools in Georgia are experiencing quite a bit of frustration, because the Charter School Commission won’t give funding to the virtual schools. They actually cut down all of the funding, not just virtual, to all the children. The Commission had origionally found that each student would cost $8,800, but they dropped that amout … Continue reading