Parents seek exposure of children to Chinese culture

(Photo courtesy of mLive) There are public schools. There are private schools. There are charter schools. And then there are language immersion programs, and they open up an entire other category. Language immersion programs take place at all kinds of education institutions, but instead of teaching a foreign language as a separate subject, the selected … Continue reading

Is hybrid learning the next phase of education?

(Photo courtesy of School of One) Rocketship Education is doing just what we think rocketships should be doing, taking off and sending people to new heights. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit charter school network striving to eliminate the education gap nationwide by integrating hybrid learning models into schools. Hybrid learning, sometimes called blended learning, changes … Continue reading

Learning to better our future

There is quite a bit of talk and debate over the current education system. Surprisingly some Economists started in the 1980’s to see the effect of outstanding kindergarden education and where the adults are now in their lives. As the Economists have stated, “We don’t really care about test scores. We care about adult outcomes.” … Continue reading

Enjoy learning Mandarin

Children in New Jersey who attend Verona schools have the privilege of learning Mandarin Chinese. Their education goes beyond chinese words and phrases, they also host events and entertaining evenings that showcase their abilities to sing in the Chinese language, and put on plays fully spoken in Chinese. They also have booths that show off … Continue reading

Technology: Bettering the Way We Learn

Technology is shaping the way we teach and learn today. The Internet has made strides in sharing information: easing research and increasing resources exponentially, distributing coursework, and enhancing communicating outside of the classroom. Fundamentally, what new solutions can technology bring to the traditional classroom? For instance, how can distance learning bring subject matter to the … Continue reading