providing for the Wireless Generation

Wireless Generation, a technology-based education company, is a visionary company looking towards the future. This innovative company provides tools, systems, software and more for to help teachers “teach smarter.” Their technology works with a student, analyzes their learning habits and skills and adapts to the student’s individual needs. This technology can benefit all students. Sometimes … Continue reading

Tablet computers: another reason for education to go online

Tablets, slates, pads, whatever else you want to call them, it does not matter. What does matter is the rapid adoption that not only techies, but everyone is taking part in. Daily Finance predicts Apple iPad sales alone to reach 28 million devices in 2011, and that’s just one manufacturer. Samsung will launch the Samsung … Continue reading

Keeping in the Kno

Each semester, rising textbook prices become the center of debate. Not only are these textbooks too expensive for students and school districts, but the costs are rising. Not only are the expensive, but textbooks are heavy to tote around from class to class and class to home. There are several eReaders available on the market, like … Continue reading