providing for the Wireless Generation

Wireless Generation, a technology-based education company, is a visionary company looking towards the future. This innovative company provides tools, systems, software and more for to help teachers “teach smarter.” Their technology works with a student, analyzes their learning habits and skills and adapts to the student’s individual needs. This technology can benefit all students. Sometimes … Continue reading

GPS used as a teaching tool

(Photo from Wikipedia) Schools in Rochester, NY are using GPS tracking to teach students about the geography, helping students understand features about their environment, like how to tell if water is clean or not. The purpose of using the GPS within schools is not solely to teach geography and demography, but also to help students … Continue reading

Chinese in, European languages out.

(Photo courtesy of  Xinhua) How many of us studied French, German, Spanish, Italian and even Latin, when we were in school? Almost everyone I knew studied one of these languages for at least two years in middle or high school. I not only studied Spanish in middle school, but tried to pick up a little … Continue reading

NASBE: a push for educational technology

(Photo courtesy of  The Graph Exploration System) In the past, technology was a privilege in the classroom. Now the National Association of State Boards of Education  (NASBE) is pushing for education to meet the modern needs of today; NASBE want technology in every classroom. This change will come about under the Next Generation in Learning: Transforming … Continue reading

Learning in a flash

Teachers, tutors, parents, you name it, always suggest flashcards as an aid to learn new material. Flashcards are arguably the best way to learn terms, vocabulary, symbols, and more. They are my favorite study aid once they are made, but I always find the process of making them too tedious for my time restraints and … Continue reading

Young entrepreneurs make their mark on education

As Americans we hear about college students starting their own companies and taking taking off! That is exactly what Digital World Construction Partners Joseph Jaeger, Sam Smith, and Adam Simmons have done after their college careers- started their own company. Joseph Jaeger, the CEO, and Adam Simmons, the CFO,  were college room mates at Trinity University … Continue reading

Can I practice my English with you?

Have you ever been at a loss for a word, and it’s sitting at the tip of your tongue? You can even define the word, but it just won’t come out! Imagine doing that in another language. It would probably get frustrating to the person that you’re talking to if it happened in almost every … Continue reading